Taylor Hartwright
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
B.A. Pace University, J.D. Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University


Malcolm Boyd
Chief Financial Officer and Co-Founder
B.S. Babson College, M.B.A. New York University

Nick Van Blarcom
Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder
B.A. Keene State College

Prior to starting VCI, Hartwright established and directed a social media management and online branding company. To VCI he contributes ten years of experience in digital marketing, with a focus on small business creation and brand management.  


Prior to VCI, Boyd served as an associate for a small business real estate developer, a senior analyst for NYU's Investment Office, and an analyst for Morgan Stanley. To VCI he contributes 15 years experience in financial analysis and a passion for real estate and small business valuation.  


Prior to VCI, Van Blarcom developed his 15 year career in various roles in the real estate and service industries, and currently is a senior specialist for a leading IT firm. His diverse background allows him to bring a meaningful perspective while maintaining a client centric approach across many entrepreneurial topics and business ideas.

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